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Total, tailored transport solutions

At LIMO GROUP our focus is on people not just cars. We have been delivering personal transport solutions of the highest quality for the last 20 years. Be it either a single person or a larger group we guarantee a professional service to extremely competitive prices, and yes, we will be here tomorrow.


You should choose Limo Group Denmark when time, service, quality and comfort is most important to you. We ensure comfortable transport of your employees and guests e.g. to and from the airport.

Planning and coordinating service

We offer a complete package. Just let us know who, where and how many and we will handle all planning and coordination of your event. Send us an inquiry and relax while we create a solution for you.


When you have a busy day with many meetings and a tight schedule, our professional chauffeur can help you avoid unnecessary delays.

Expanded services and security

Naturally, your safety during transport is our first and foremost priority. That is why we are one of the few companies, who have our drivers trained and certified by the Danish police force, and they are approved by the Danish PET (Denmark’s equivalent to the British Mi5) as well. If you want extra security staff on an assignment, we can provide this service, as well as hotel and restaurant bookings.


Limo Group Denmark specializes in V.I.P. transport including escort services. Your security is our first and foremost priority.

The best price

We look upon each assignment as a total package and we tailor your transport solution in accordance with every detail of your wishes and our resources. This way we can offer you a complete transport solution at a very competitive price, and you always have a total price upfront.


Limo Group Denmark has a large diverse fleet of buses for groups of 10 – 50 people.

Flexible fleet

Regardless of whether it is a business contact or VIP, we have a car or a bus for the assignment. Also, through our extensive network, we can access specialist vehicles and private air transport.


When long distance travel is needed and time is of the essence, we can offer plan travel both home and abroad.
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