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More than 24 years of experience

Since we founded Limo Group Denmark, we have offered transport to sports stars, presidents, directors, travelling fitters, conference participants, tourists and everyone in between. We have been assigned to almost all types of organizations, businesses, the public sector, embassies, travel agencies, hotels and events. We can make a transport solution for you as well.

Uncompromising service and satisfied customers

At Limo Group our focus is on people not just cars. We make transport solutions of the highest quality for any occasion. We want to offer the best product on the market and the highest quality of service to an extremely attractive price. We always are at the right place and at the right time, and our drivers are worthy and professional representatives for your company We are ambitious and aim to expand and develop our services to become the best partner in transport service in Denmark.


At Limo Group Denmark we are aware of the special environmental responsibility, that lies in the sector of transport, and the environmental challenges that we have now and in the future. We strive to reduce our consumption of resources continuously and to make a green profile. To minimize our consumption of fuel and release of carbon dioxide, we replace our fleet with new and more environmental vehicles, when they are available on the market.

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