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We know that time is very precious and even a few minutes could mean the difference between success and failure. That is why we always see to that we arrive on time and do our very best to minimize possible time of waiting. The transports are always in new, comfortable and spacey vehicles and our drivers are polite, presentable and discreet representatives for your company. Service and quality are in focus and the drivers always help with the luggage as a natural thing and do their best to satisfy your guests’ wishes.


Limo Group Denmark see to that you make all your appointments at the right place and in the right time, may it be in the city or elsewhere in Denmark. The driver is your partner and right-hand during transport and he keeps informed on traffic, time of departures, road congestion and possible roadworks to avoid delays in your program. The driver is at your disposal – also when you are in a meeting, and he will be on standby. Should your appointment end earlier than planned, or do you have an unscheduled appointment somewhere else, you can go at once and avoid waste of valuable time.


The fleet includes ordinary, modern and comfortable tourist buses as well as extra spacey and luxurious VIP-buses. VIP-buses have a high level of comfort and various facilities like pilot seats, flat screen TV, DVD-player, wireless microphone, refrigerator and coffee maker, and thus make the transport a very pleasant experience for you. Hereby you can have meetings or conferences during the transportation as well. Our bus services are targeting companies as well as organizations and associations.


The V.I.P. assignments are performed by our permanent, top trained, professional drivers. They are among the few drivers in Denmark cleared for driving with representatives from “Official Denmark”. The drivers are cleared through PET, Police Intelligence Service, and every year they go through The National Police’s driving courses Since 1999 Foreign Affairs has been Limo Group Denmark’s client and it expresses great contentment with our collaboration. Limo Group Denmark has specialized in transport of artists to concerts, lectures, shows and festivals. Our services includes pickup in airports, at hotels, or at home addresses and besides personal transports, we include the transportation of luggage and equipment. We have different sizes of vehicles and can most likely meet your demands regarding capacity and space. No matter the size of the vehicle you need, they are all comfortable and well-equipped be it cars, minibuses or vans driven by professional and experienced chauffeurs. The chauffeurs always show discretion towards the passengers and make without exceptions all appointments.


Limo Group Denmark offers flights from Danish airports and to destinations all over the world. We have many years of experience with aviation globally and will always be happy to inform you of the best and most effective solution to your need for transportation. We offer a diverse range of airplanes, from ordinary taxi planes for 1-32 persons to luxurious private jets, with elegant comfort and high quality, for groups. Security is of the highest priority, and our crew is of course all special trained with many years of experience. The crew can deal with any possible situation and will do everything to secure, that you and your fellow passengers have a pleasant and safe flight.
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